We are here to find out the intention (or the reason) of ignorance towards the knowledge which would have been useful to make life rhythmic.

We make efforts, every now and then, to get satisfaction and we do not remember: 'Effort' is a part of consciousness and 'Satisfaction' dwells in unconsciousness. Can we explore any way to get what we want from that what we do not want? The (difficulty of the) question takes us to the imagination of the difficulty to explore the way (which is impossible). However, we do not bother and take the same way we follow - try..try..and try again. How can we compromise with life in such a pathetic way? We need to accept the truth that efforts will not lead us on (neither will enlighten) the way to satisfaction which always exists in (the dark unknown part of mind) Unconscious - The Real Life . We (also) need to accept the dominance of unconsciousness (over consciousness) which might stop us living in the hope of and searching the ways for satisfaction. In fact not only satisfaction, all the emotions stay in unconscious (mind); perhaps that is why we cannot stop emotions. we will find the reasons (exceptions might not be included) for everything we discuss. Please try to correlate the information provided as it has never been published before (logically) and will seem hard to dissolve in. Though every sentence and all the words are read intensively to make your effort zero (to conclude) till its completion, however, if it still seems difficult, please accept the sincerest apologies and go ahead to make corrections or raise the questions.

We are the units of this universe working to resolve untouched theories knowledge and philosophies and get the answers every unit is waiting for. All the universal sciences may be required to help explore the topics to discuss and make available. The explorations thus help in dissolving the dissociations or demarcations raised due to the consciousness interfering to harmonize with the entirety which is always "Unconscious" - The Real life. Readers may view the detailed philosophy at Unconscious - The Real Life

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